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Coach Charter Services

For the Discerning Traveler - 5 Star Quality Coaches

For the Discerning Traveler – 5 Star Quality Coaches…

Tory’s Tours proudly upholds an unsurpassed reputation for excellence in catering to the wide and varying charter requirements of our valued clients and customers.

Our comprehensive coach charter services operate throughout the Fraser Coast region and to anywhere in Australia.

Tory’s Tours sets itself apart from our competitors with superior vehicles and exceptional customer service.

Our fleet of luxury vehicles ranges from 20 seater Toyota Coasters to 54 seater Mercedes Benz touring coaches continue to set the benchmark for first class customer service.

Tory’s Tours goes to great lengths to obtain and train the best driver guides and we are proud of the reputation they have gained over the years throughout the industry.

Your Coach Captain is much more than just a good driver!

He/She is a seasoned experienced traveler, selected by us for his/her extensive experience and knowledge, his/her expert driving skills and personality.

Our Coaches

For the discerning traveler we have chosen Mercedes Benz, a name synonymous with quality, reliability and engineering precision for our fleet of coaches.

We care about your comfort and ensure our coaches are maintained to the highest possible standards and equipped with the latest safety features, including ABS Brakes, super-soft air-ride suspension, power steering, a special device for lowering the coach for easy entry/exit, a powerful V8 diesel engine and of course all the luxurious features for passenger comfort, full climate controlled air-conditioning, rest room/toilet facilities, plush reclining seats with lap sash seat belts, entertainment system with DVD/TV/CD/radio stereo sound, wall to wall carpeting, large panoramic tinted windows, chilled drinking water dispenser, hot water urn – great for morning tea! and a large underfloor luggage space.

We care about your comfort, that is why we have chosen Mercedes Benz coaches, a name synonymous with quality and reliability.

These state of the art 5 Star rated coaches have all the safety features including lap sash seat belts, ABS dual circuit brakes, independent air-ride suspension, environmentally friendly engine and high-tech power steering.

Tory’s goes to great lengths to maintain its immaculate safety record.

This is achieved through a driver training policy, a modern coach fleet and regular maintenance inspections and services.

These coaches have full climate-controlled air-conditioning, rest room/toilet equipped, plush reclining seats, chilled drinking water dispenser, large panoramic tinted windows, DVD/TV/CD/PA Radio equipment, and a special device for lowering the coach down at the front for ease of boarding, large underfloor luggage space.

Plus, we can also tow a trailer behind this coach if necessary, perfect for school bands and groups with extra luggage.

Our fleet has the finest touring coaches on the Fraser Coast, and sets the standard for the industry.

We have chosen Mercedes Benz, a name synonymous with quality, reliability and engineering precision!

Our prestigious 46 seater, high deck touring coaches, feature 2 doors for ease of boarding, full climate controlled air-conditioning, rest room/toilet equipped, plush reclining seats with lap sash seat belts, wall to wall carpeting, on board entertainment system with DVD/TV/CD/PA, radio stereo sound, large panoramic tinted windows, drinking water dispenser, hot water urn – great for morning tea! and huge underfloor luggage space.

Plus, all the usual safety features on a Mercedes Benz including ABS brakes, safety braking system and power steering, door interlock, cruise control, plus super-soft independent air-ride suspension and a special device for lowing the coach for easy boarding.

These are true 5 Star rated coaches!

Our Toyota Coaster Mini Coaches are ideal for small groups, seating 20 passengers in comfortable high back seats covered in cloth trim, they are also fitted with seat belts for added comfort and safety.

Naturally, as with all Tory’s coaches they are fully air-conditioned with tinted windows and feature a CD/PA, stereo sound system and a carpeted interior.

A fully enclosed and lockable luggage trailer can be towed behind this vehicle to cater for any luggage or sporting equipment you may have.


Your booking is accepted subject to the following terms and conditions. Once you have confirmed your booking, you accept that these terms and conditions will apply.


Prices are current at the time of quotation and subject to availability at the time of booking. All quoted prices include GST. Tory’s Tours (Tory’s) reserves the right to pass on, without notice, any increases that may occur in any applicable airport charges, road tolls, entry fees, fuel costs or parking fees. Please check all details provided in this quotation to ensure that all details are correct. Tory’s accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of customer itineraries. No bookings are made when a quotation is provided and Tory’s will not accept tentative bookings.


Client bookings must be received in written form by postal mail or email. A written acceptance confirmation will be provided for all coach bookings.


Payment can be made by cash, cheque, money order or by MasterCard or Visa.
Payment is strictly due before delivery of vehicle/s unless approved prior arrangements have been made with Tory’s. Should there be any default in the above payment terms, all monies owing by the Customer to Tory’s shall become immediately due and payable and a Credit Bureau Default may be lodged without further notice. All expenses, costs or disbursements incurred in recovering any outstanding monies including all search fees, debt collection fees and solicitor’s costs will be paid by the client.


Clients using Credit Cards note and accept the following service fees. These fees are inclusive of GST.
MasterCard – 1.5% Visa – 1.5%


An invoice will be raised on or prior to the day of departure. Terms of payment are 14 days from date of invoice.


You are responsible for any charges levied by suppliers in respect of extra time in the event that your booking does not run to schedule. This includes any extra charges levied where you choose to extend the duration of your booking and include charges for flight and/or traffic delays.


In an event that you cancel your booking, Tory’s reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee as follows:

  • Bookings cancelled more than 4 days prior to travel: No Fees.
  • Bookings cancelled between 4 days and 24 hours prior: 10% of hire charge.
  • Bookings cancelled less than 24 hours prior to travel: 50% of hire charge.
  • Day of departure or when a coach is en-route to pick up point, before notice of cancellation is received:  No refund.

In addition to any cancellation fee charged by Tory’s you will also be responsible for payment of any charges levied by suppliers in respect of the cancelled booking. (meals, attractions, shows, etc if applicable) In all cases, the total fee charged will not exceed the value of the booking.


The Client agrees on booking confirmation and commencement that the price charged by Tory’s for provision of the services detailed will be amended for any additional time and/or distance provided on the day or total duration of the hire. Additional charges will be calculated on a pro-rate basis and will depend on the extent of the additional time and/or distance provided.
Tory’s reserves the right to impose additional charges for cleaning of the interior of any coach that is in our sole judgement left in an unsatisfactory manner either during or at the conclusion of a hire period. This also applies to wilful damage by passengers to either the interior or exterior of the coach.


Tory’s will take all reasonable steps to provide to the Client, services outlined in this confirmation advice.

Tory’s accepts no liability for:

  • Substitution of coach for reasons beyond our control
  • Any loss of enjoyment experienced by passengers due to circumstances beyond its control;
  • Loss or damage to clothing and/or luggage and;
  • Failure to meet connections due to unexpected delays
  • Any costs incurred by the Client and;
  • Third Party claims associated with the hire event
  • Acts of Force Majeure

In circumstances where liability cannot be excluded, such liability is limited to the value of the purchased travel arrangements.


The provision of Coach Hire is subject to the current Road Transport, Passenger Vehicle and OH & S regulations issued by the appropriate authority in the State of which the hire is being conducted. Tory’s reserves the right to enforce its legal obligation in compliance with the law in all aspects of our hire provision irrespective of client requests, conduct, actions or other circumstances effecting the provision of this hire.
This includes, but not limited to our right to:

  • Refuse entry to the coach of persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Stop consumption of hot food and hot drink, alcohol or tobacco products on the coach.
  • Authorise our driver to act in the best interests of his/her passengers’ safety irrespective of consequences to the hire.
  • Obey road speed restriction irrespective of unscheduled delays in transit.
  • Stop to render assistance to others when judged in the public interest for safety or rescue.
  • Report to authorities any person acting in a manner that endangers others. This could include or stopping a hire or may result in its cancellation.
  • Refuse to carry dangerous, flammable or illegal items/goods on any part of a passenger/person or the coach.
  • Determine the suitability and nature of any luggage or items intended to be carried by, or for, passengers on or within the coach interior or storage areas and to refuse such items deemed as unacceptable. We take no responsibility for luggage lost or damaged whilst being handled, on tour or any time in transit; all items carried are at the Owners Risk.
  • Render first aid in the best interest of passengers and take such measures deemed necessary to enlist assistance in an emergency from any available services. Costs of such emergency service provision rest with the passenger/s.
  • Maintain legal driving hours and driver rest periods in line with current regulations.
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