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Lip Blush before and after

What should beautiful lips be like in terms of beautiful lip shapes? Everyone has a different answer. Someone prefers bright, saturated colours and lipstick tattoo effects, while others might lean towards the benefits of lip blush. But perfect natural lips, with their natural lip colour, are becoming more and more relevant – cosmetic tattoo that is not noticed. Fuzzy contours, soft natural colour, wet lip effect, transparent shades. This is relevant for young girls and those who have used the services of a cosmetologist to increase the volume of their lips and do not see the effect due to the lack of colour of the red border of the lips. Aspects of lip blush make this procedure increasingly popular in beauty segments.

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Features of  lip blushing

Natural lip blushing – this is not a separate technique of tattooing, but rather the final touch that allows you to increase the volume of the lips visually, giving them the missing expressiveness and clarity micrby brightening the outer contour. This semi-permanent procedure can be carried out independently if the mouth from nature has perfect shapes and fullness. Still, in most cases, it is combined with other types of tattooing – contour, watercolour, character, etc. And at the end of the main stage, when the lips acquire the desired tone and shape, the master slightly illuminates the skin around the mouth with natural pigment.

Tattoo masters borrowed the peculiar “backlighting” effect from famous artists of the planet. This technique is widely used in art practice for the competent arrangement of accents and for giving the picture a lively, three-dimensional appearance. However, a woman’s face highlighting, particularly with the benefits of lip blush, looks no less spectacular than on the canvas. And if you lighten the contour and small areas in the centre of the lips, they will be even more lush and sexy due to the wet highlights playing on them, creating additional volume.

At first glance, this insignificant nuance guarantees a magical result: just a few strokes made with light pigment – and the lips become delicious, juicy, plump and, at the same time, natural. At the same time, permanent makeup performed before lightening looks neater, and small roughnesses – expression lines, loose skin around the mouth or imperfectly shaped corners – become less noticeable.

Nuances to consider with lip blush procedure

The permanent lip tint has its subtleties, which should undoubtedly pay attention to before carrying out tattooing:

  • As a standalone permanent makeup, the light canal is acceptable only if the mouth has a correct, precise contour from nature and the natural pigment is sufficiently saturated and uniform. Otherwise, all irregularities and roughness may become more noticeable.
  • When combining the basic technique of tattooing with the lip shading method, it is necessary to ensure that the work is done perfectly and the contour is perfectly even, symmetrical and precise. If you do not comply with this condition, the effect of plump lips and all the existing shortcomings will appear.
  • The skill of the chosen permanent makeup specialist should not raise questions and doubts because the correct application of light pigment requires the highest professionalism and sufficient experience.
  • Pigment colour, used to create plump lips, is selected according to the basic phototype of appearance. The transition from the natural skin colour to a lighter contour must be as smooth and discreet as possible – then, the tattoo will look harmonious.

What defects does lip shading have?

The prominent problem lip tint tattoo can solve is the lack of natural lip volume. Thanks to the competent placement of accents with the help of light pigment, the mouth will look more relieved and plump, and the lips will acquire the desired shape. In addition, highlighting the contour allows you to level out fine lines in the corners of the mouth, visually tighten the skin near the lips, make it smoother and firmer, and, therefore, slightly rejuvenate the face, giving it a fresh and blooming appearance.

However, a light-coloured kajal alone will not cope with more severe defects. To mask scars, scars, deep wrinkles and areas of depigmentation, it is better to choose a more radical tattooing technique using one or more pigments. Moreover, in some cases, a light contour can emphasise existing flaws, so before deciding on the pink lips tattoo technique, it is better to consult with the master who will perform the tattoo – his experience will allow him to predict the result of brightening and advise the appropriate tattoo technique.

In what cases is permanent lip tint inadmissible?

Contraindications to lip light tattoos do not differ from the standard list of restrictions for permanent. It is worth completely refusing or postponing for a while the procedure in the following cases:

  • In the development of an acute infectious process;
  • During the “blooming” herpes on the lips;
  • In the presence of immunodeficiency, diabetes mellitus or oncological neoplasm;
  • During pregnancy and lactation.

How lip tattooing in natural lip blushing technique takes place

In most cases, natural lip blushing tattoo is not an independent procedure but the final stage of the classic tattoo in any other chosen approach: before the lightening of the lips is brought to a reference state, the light pigment is introduced. Usually, such a beauty session includes the following stages:

  • Sketching the sketch. Pink lips tattoo is applied only if the mouth has a correct, symmetrical shape, so the competent selection of the graphic is one of the critical moments. It is essential that the chosen body not only emphasises the natural perfection of the lips but also wholly disguises all existing flaws.
  • Anaesthesia. Tatuaje delicate area of the lips – a slightly painful procedure, so before it should be applied, anaesthetic gel or numbing cream composition, which will reduce sensitivity and eliminate discomfort.
  • Introduction of pigment. This primary stage includes drawing the contour and filling the lip area with the chosen dye.
  • Contour highlighting. After completion of the main stage of tattooing is a light highlighting of the contour in the lip light technique. To do this on the outer border of the lips, the master draws a line of pigment a tone lighter than the natural colour of the face, then carefully blends it with strokes of different lengths, smoothing the boundary between your skin and the soft contour.
  • Final treatment. To make traumatised skin heals faster, the lips are treated with special gentle antiseptics and restorative ointments immediately after the introduction of pigment. Such precautions help to relieve redness and prevent the development of an inflammatory reaction.

Usually, tattooing does not end at this stage – to bring the lips to perfection, to even out the resulting shade and levelling roughness, which may appear after healing, 3-4 weeks later, carry out correction.

Careful care of the lips after manipulation

Careful care for the lips after tattooing is necessary for a fortnight until the crusts come off and the skin does not heal. By the way, they will appear in a few days, and about 4-5 days will fall off by themselves. It is forbidden to touch them, as it may affect the future colour of the lips. During this period, the treated area should be wiped with an antiseptic agent, microblading. This task will perfectly cope with Chlorgixedin. Then it is necessary to apply a soothing cream, like coconut oil, on the sponges. It will protect the vulnerable skin from aggressive external factors, ensure rapid regeneration, and relieve redness and swelling. After the procedure, all details of care for tattooed lips will tell the master who will perform the tattoo.

What not to do

During the healing period of the lips after tattooing, it is necessary to observe the standard restrictions. It is essential to exclude everything that can cause increased sweating – sports, baths, extended stays in the heat, and steaming the face. Avoid activities that increase the chances of infection – recreation at water bodies, going to the pool.

Choose your food carefully. Too acidic, spicy, salty, and hot food irritates the lips and slows healing. In addition, they will start to bake and ache. Use a straw to drink beverages.

Teeth should also be brushed very carefully, without touching the lips. Pre-treat them with an antibacterial agent.

Unfortunately, even kissing should be excluded.

Compliance with all the rules will allow you to get through this period faster and be happy with the result. A negligent attitude can significantly increase the healing time after lip tattooing and affect the pigmentation.

As practice shows, girls are easily given to observe precautions. After all, the expected result is worth it.

How long does the result last?

The most frequently asked question from those who have decided on the natural lip-blushing technique is how long it takes to maintain the result. The answer is quite optimistic: lips look delicious and juicy from 2 to 5 years with proper care. It all depends on the individual features of the organism, including metabolic rate, age and type of skin, its pH level, immune response, the influence of external aggressive factors and the constant use of makemakeupwever, it is essential to understand that the light canal in this period, like any other permanent, may gradually lose its brightness, so do not delay the adjustment. When the desired contour disappears, it is better to consult a specialist who will renew the tattoo, freshen up the lips and give them the desired volume and expressiveness again.
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