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Northern Territory Tour

Alice Springs to Uluru Tour

Explore the heart of Australia on an epic Alice Springs to Uluru tour. Discover ancient landmarks, learn about Aboriginal culture, and create lifelong memories.
DAYS 4 $1150-1295 AUD

Uluru Tour

Experience the wonder of Uluru with our guided tours. Explore the iconic rock formation and learn about its rich cultural significance. Book your Uluru tour today!
DAYS 3 $950-1095 AUD

West MacDonnell Ridge

Plan your adventure to the West MacDonnell Ridge and immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of this iconic destination. Find all the information you need in this comprehensive guide.
$125-175 AUD

Introduction to the Northern Territory

Welcome to the Northern Territory, Australia’s breathtaking outback that combines rich history, mesmerizing landscapes, and an unforgettable adventure. What makes it so unique, you ask? Well, let’s set off on this journey to find out.

History and Significance

The Northern Territory is steeped in a history that’s as fascinating as it is intricate. Being home to the world’s oldest continuous cultures, it tells stories that date back more than 65,000 years! It’s truly a place where ancient and modern worlds meet.

Remarkable Places to Visit

So where should you start on this tour? Let’s dive in.

Kakadu National Park

One cannot talk about the Northern Territory without mentioning the Kakadu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Boasting an array of wildlife and stunning waterfalls, it’s like stepping into a nature-made art gallery.

Crocodile Dundee's Legacy

You might even feel like Crocodile Dundee while exploring the rugged terrains, as the famous movie character has left a lasting impression on the Territory’s global image.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Iconic Uluru, no words can describe the spiritual connection you feel watching the sunset painting this monolith in hues of red, orange, and purple.

Alice Springs

Next, we have Alice Springs, the heart of Australia’s Red Centre. It’s a hub for aboriginal art, wilderness adventures and perhaps the best place to learn about Australia’s indigenous history.

Kings Canyon

A walk around Kings Canyon provides spectacular views of the gorge and surrounding landscape. It’s a breathtaking spot to feel at one with nature.

Adelaide River

Fancy a crocodile cruise? The Adelaide River provides a thrilling opportunity to see these ancient predators in their natural habitat.

Katherine Gorge

Also known as Nitmiluk Gorge, this network of thirteen gorges offers incredible canoeing, hiking, and boat tours.

Ayers Rock

A true natural wonder, Ayers Rock, or Uluru, is a sacred site to the indigenous people and an awe-inspiring sight to behold.

Darwin City

Darwin, the capital city, has you covered with beautiful beaches, bustling markets, and a diverse food scene. It’s a city that truly captures the spirit of the Top End.

Nitmiluk National Park

Home to Katherine Gorge, Nitmiluk National Park offers numerous trails, waterfalls, and opportunities for cultural experiences.

Litchfield National Park

Stunning waterfalls and magnetic termite mounds make Litchfield National Park an absolute must-see!

Experiencing the Aboriginal Culture

Explore the indigenous culture through rock art sites, cultural festivals, and the immersive richness of the Aboriginal heritage.

Unforgettable Adventure Activities

Hot Air Ballooning

Floating in the sky as the sun peeks over the horizon in Alice Springs will leave you breathless.

Wildlife Spotting

Saltwater crocodile spotting, bird-watching, and more for wildlife enthusiasts.


The best time depends on the region. Top End: dry season (May to October), Red Centre: spring and autumn.
Stay informed and take precautions like any travel destination.
Uluru is arguably the most recognized.
Stunning landscapes, rich aboriginal culture, and unique wildlife.
Not necessary, but it can enhance your experience.
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